West Mountain Wedding | Cascade, Idaho | Layne & Kayla

 Layne & Kayla have been through it all planning their wedding this year! Through venue changes and other limitations they have just been so positive and have been great examples to me. A life filled with love is what truly matters; everything else is just details! And the details were perfect. They shared a first look on top of West Mountain near Cascade, Idaho. The purple Lupine were everywhere you looked! Their ceremony was a short drive from the summit, and a reception was held later in the day in Emmett. They were such good sports sneaking away for a few minutes at sunset and BOY was it WORTH IT for that amazing golden glow! I'm still dying from how amazing it was! 

But the best part of the day was just spending time with Layne & Kayla and witnessing their kind and caring relationship. They're the kind of people you just always want to be around because they are so easy going and they radiate happiness! <3

Congratulations Kayla & Layne!

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